The Video Marketing Machine is now called Transformo

Why I created the Transformo

My name is Marlon Marescia, and I am the founder of the Transformo.

I have been in sales and marketing for the past 20 years and created the Transformo out of a problem I needed fixed.

Around 2020, I started to get prospects booking appointments in my calendar who had found my videos on YouTube, binge-watched ten videos, and then booked an appointment.

Those prospects who turned up to my appointments were presold and ready to work with me. They knew everything about how I worked, and there was no need to build trust because the videos had already done that job.

At the same time, I had a database of prospects and a Facebook group that started to book appointments in my calendar and also turned up presold.

As well as recording one video a week and uploading it to YouTube, I was also doing the following:

  • I was Emailing the video to my database each week
  • I was creating a Facebook retargeting ad and showing that video to everyone in my database, anyone who had visited my website and anyone who had watched a previous video on Instagram and Facebook
  • I was cutting that video up into multiple pieces of content and published this content to my social accounts
  • I was converting the video into a blog post and publishing it to my blog with the video

By doing this consistently every week, I started to get appointments booked in my calendar by prospects who were presold and ready to buy.

Each week, this process would take me around 4 hours for each video.

I needed a quicker way to reduce this time.

After a few tries and prototypes I built the Transformo App.

The app takes this 4 hours process and reduces it down to 20 minutes.

I also started to complete this service for my clients, which I still do today.

This service costs $1,500 to publish four videos a month.

The Transformo has been my greatest secret to success around Video Marketing, and now I am opening it up to be used by all business owners.

I hope you enjoy it and it wins you as many clients as it has done and me and saves you 16 hours every month, too.

Marlon Marescia

Founder, Transformo

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