The Video Marketing Machine is now called Transformo

A new profitable service for marketing agencies

Your client records 1 Weekly Video and the app repurposes that video into 5 Marketing Campaigns and publishes them to all platforms for you

Charge $1,500/mth for just 2 hours of work

This is the most profitable service we offer in our business, the easiest to deliver and has the highest retention rate.

The service you can offer


per month

Each video is promoted by:

How it works

3 simple steps to launch 5 marketing campaigns every week from 1 video your client records


Upload Your Video

Upload your edited video to the Transformo and your video will be converted into the 5 marketing campaigns


Client Approves The Content

Your client will approve the content including all copy and design assets.


Schedule The Campaigns

You choose a schedule and the app will publish the content to the clients blog, socials, YouTube channel and email it to their email list

Benefits to your agency

Every week you will deliver 5 proven, tried and tested marketing campaigns for your clients done for you by the Transformo App. Just feed the app 2-4 minute teaching video recorded by your client and the app will do the rest.

Easy to deliver

Do you sell a service where trust is important and you need to communicate you are the right person for the job?

Easy to sell

Become the #1 person in your industry in your prospects world and get them to reach out when they are ready

Highly profitable

The Transformo strategy helps your nurture your prospects until they are ready to make a buying decision

Proven strategy

The biggest challenge we have is to get a lead to book an appointment. The Transformo solves this problem

Deliver 5 proven marketing every week for your client

Your client will give you one video and you will transform it into 5 proven, tried and tested marketing campaigns. The Transformo app will complete 95% of the work and your client will love the results.

Campaign #1

Blog post

Your video is converted into a blog post. We use ChatGPT to rewrite the video transcript into an article using your content, your voice and your style, and we optimize it for SEO so it can be found in the Google search engine.


This blog post is used to attract new prospects searching for your services on the Google search engine.


You will never have to write another blog post again. Just record your videos, and AI will turn your videos into blog posts

Auto posted

Once you approve the blog post you will select a date to post and the app will auto post it at the selected time.

Blog content
Email marketing with video
Campaign #2

Weekly email

Email marketing is the #1 way to turn your database of leads and prospects into paying clients. Your video is transcribed and turned into a weekly email that is sent to your database.


The email is used to nurture your existing prospects and warm them up until they are ready to buy or book an appointment


We use AI tools to write the email, and beacuse we use your video as the source of content, the email is written in your voice, with your content and in your style

Auto posted

The email is auto-sent to your database each week from the Transformo app. There is no need to create, schedule and send your emails anymore.

Campaign #3

Social Media Posts

Each video is converted into four social media posts.

  • Long video
  • Short video
  • Quote Card
  • Blog post promo

This content is auto-published to all your social media platforms through the Transformo.


Social media posts are used to find new prospects and nurture the prospects that follow you on your social media platforms.


All the copy for the social content is generated through AI using your video transcript as the foundation.


Through the Transformo, you can schedule the publishing of the content, and it is auto-posted at the required time.

Campaign #4

Facebook retargeting ad

Weekly Facebook Retargeting Ad
The copy for a Facebook retargeting ad is created through the Transformo, and you can download the content and upload it to your Facebook Ad account.


Facebook retargeting ads are used to nurture your prospects who are on your:

  • Email list
  • Website Visitors
  • Watched your previous videos on Facebook and Instagram
  • Interacted with your Facebook and Instagram pages


The Facebook Ad copy and Headline are created using your video transcript using AI, so it is written in your voice using your content.

Manually posted

This is the only part of the Transformo that isn’t auto-posted for you. You can download the content, and we show you how to manually create the ad and turn it on.

The auto posting is a feature coming in the next few months.

Campaign #5

YouTube video

Your video is auto-published to YouTube, and your YouTube Description and Thumbnail are auto-generated by the Transformo.


YouTube is the perfect platform to get more prospects to book appointments in your calendar and nurture prospects who already know you.


The YouTube thumbnail and video description are auto-generated by the Transformo.


Your YouTube video is published at the required time by the Transformo.

Youtube videos

Full agency support

We are fully committed to help you grow your marketing agency using the Transformo. We have developed full training for all agency owners on how to sell and deliver the Transformo service profitably.

Full sales training

Upload your edited video to the Transformo and your video will be converted into the 5 marketing campaigns

Full delivery training

You will then check the campaign copy and approve the design assets created by the Transformo before you go live.

Weekly coaching

You will then check the campaign copy and approve the design assets created by the Transformo before you go live.

Book a demo

Find out how the Transformo can make your marketing agency more profitable