The Video Marketing Machine is now called Transformo

Be the Leading Counseling Authority and Inspire Positive Change in Your Community

Use video to raise your profile, your influence and your authority as the go-to counsellor in your local area


Transformo helps Counsellors

Get more clients

Differentiate your practice by delivering compelling video content that speaks for your potential clients.

Become a household name

Become the #1 person in your industry in your prospects world and get them to reach out when they are ready

Build your

Every week you  just feed the app 2-4 minute teaching recorded by you and your clients client and the app will do the rest.

Outmarket your competition

The Transformo strategy helps your nurture your prospects until they are ready to make a buying decision

Attention Counsellors

Do you feel invisible in your community despite your commitment to helping others? Are traditional marketing methods failing to bring the patients you need to your practice? We understand the frustration of feeling like the best-kept secret in a world that desperately needs your expertise.

At Transformo, we recognize these challenges and offer a solution that elevates your visibility and establishes you as a key influencer in your field. Imagine a future where patients are not just coming to you, but are actively seeking your guidance because they know, like, and trust you as their counsellor.

Our innovative app, Transformo, allows you to upload a video showcasing your therapeutic techniques and client care philosophy. We then transform this video into various forms of engaging content: blog posts, weekly emails, Facebook ads, and social media posts, which are then published across all major platforms including your WordPress blog, YouTube, and social media.

By enhancing your online presence, we help bridge the gap between you and potential clients, making it easier for them to find and connect with you.

Take the first step towards transforming your practice’s visibility. Sign up for a free trial at Transformo and start making a significant impact today.

How does Transformo make you #1 Counsellor?

Every week you will deliver 5 proven, tried and tested marketing campaigns 90% done for you by Transformo. Just feed the app a 2-4 minute video each week and the app will do the rest.


Social Media

Each video is converted into a week’s worth of social media posts including two video posts, quote card and a blog post. This content is auto-published to all your social media platforms through the Transformo.

Youtube videos


Your video is auto-published to YouTube, and your YouTube Description and Thumbnail are auto-generated by the Transformo.

Email marketing with video

Weekly Email

Email marketing is the #1 way to turn your database of leads and prospects into paying clients. Your video is transcribed and turned into a weekly email that is sent to your database.
Blog content

Blog Post

Your video is converted into a blog post. We use ChatGPT to rewrite the video transcript into an article using your content, your voice and your style, and we optimize it for SEO so it can be found in the Google search engine.

Facebook Retargeting Ad

The copy for a Facebook retargeting ad is created through the Transformo, and you can download the content and upload it to your Facebook Ad account.

How it works

3 simple steps to launch 5 marketing campaigns every week from 1 video your client records

Step 1


Record and edit your video.

Step 2


You will then check the campaign copy and approve the design assets created by the Transformo before you go live.

Step 3


You schedule and the app will publish the content to your blog, socials, your YouTube channel and email it to your email list

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Become the go-to Counsellors in your community in just 15 minutes a week

You Record 1 Video…The App transforms your video into 5 Marketing Campaigns…Using Your Voice, Your Content and Your Style



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