The Video Marketing Machine is now called Transformo
The Ultimate Marketing Strategy

Video Marketing Machine Service

You record 1 video a week and we turn it into 5 marketing campaigns.

You Record 1 Video...
We Do The Rest!

Every week you record just ONE VIDEO, we will then transform that video into a full marketing strategy for that week.

The Ultimate Marketing Strategy
That Will Help You...

Nurture Your Prospects

with Weekly Email Broadcasts

We will convert your video into a weekly email and send it to your email list

Become Omnipresent

with Facebook Ad Retargeting

Your weekly video will be converted into a Facebook Ads retargeting campaign and shown to your website visitors, email list and followers of your Facebook page

Dominate Your Industry

with SEO

Your video will be transcribed and converted into a blog post and uploaded to your website. 

Build Your Authority

with Youtube Videos

Your video will be edited and added to your Youtube channel and optimized for SEO

Sell On Social

with Social Media Posts

Your video will be packaged up so you can share it on all your social profiles including LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook.

Influence Your Prospects

with a Podcast

Your video transformed into a podcast episode and published to Apple Podcasts, Spotify Podcasts, Google Play and 20 other podcast platforms

Why Video?

Video is the best way to get your prospects to know like and trust you in the shortest possible time.

When a prospect hears your voice, sees your mannerisms, and hears your insight into the subject matter, they are able to warm to you instantly and decide if they want to work with you.

Over 80% of the traffic online is through video. The world is obsessed with watching videos, and it is people’s #1 way of consuming content and learning about products and services they want to buy.

Video Marketing Machine Outcomes

The Video Marketing Machine Strategy is a holistic marketing strategy that enables a business to complete multiple marketing strategies to attract, capture, nurture and convert prospects into clients. The outcomes a business experiences when they use the Video Marketing Machine are they:

Grow A Database

Add more prospects to your email list.

Become Omnipresent

We help you be top of mind by your prospects on your email list, visit your website, or interact with you on Facebook or Instagram.

Get Found By Your Prospects

When your prospects search for answers to questions about your service on Google or YouTube, we help your content rise to the top.

Build Your Profile

Create videos that allow your prospects to warm to you and set you as an authority in your industry.

Convert Your Prospects

Convince and Convert Your Prospects

5 proven marketing campaigns executed every week

Every week you will deliver 5 proven, tried and tested marketing campaigns 90% done for you by the Transformo App. Just feed the app 2-4 minute teaching video each week and the app will do the rest.

Campaign #1

Blog post

Your video is converted into a blog post. We use ChatGPT to rewrite the video transcript into an article using your content, your voice and your style, and we optimize it for SEO so it can be found in the Google search engine.


This blog post is used to attract new prospects searching for your services on the Google search engine.

Campaign #2

Weekly email

Email marketing is the #1 way to turn your database of leads and prospects into paying clients. Your video is transcribed and turned into a weekly email that is sent to your database.


The email is used to nurture your existing prospects and warm them up until they are ready to buy or book an appointment.

Campaign #3

Social Media Posts

Each video is converted into four social media posts.

  • Long video
  • Short video
  • Quote Card
  • Blog post promo

This content is auto-published to all your social media platforms through the Transformo.


Social media posts are used to find new prospects and nurture the prospects that follow you on your social media platforms.

Campaign #4

Facebook retargeting ad

The copy for a Facebook retargeting ad is created through the Transformo, and you can download the content and upload it to your Facebook Ad account.


Facebook retargeting ads are used to nurture your prospects who are on your Email list, Website Visitors, Watched your previous videos on Facebook and Instagram & Interacted with your Facebook and Instagram pages

Campaign #5

YouTube video

Your video is auto-published to YouTube, and your YouTube Description and Thumbnail are auto-generated by the Transformo.


YouTube is the perfect platform to get more prospects to book appointments in your calendar and nurture prospects who already know you.

Designed For...


Many businesses struggle to get results from their marketing. The Video Marketing Machine allows businesses to get results for just a few minutes of effort each week.

Coaches & Consultants

Becoming the expert to your prospects is the goal of every consultant and coach. Our service is perfect to build trust in just a few minutes each week


Marketers need to constantly be in front of their audience each week to build trust. Video is the best way to do this and show your marketing skills to your audience

How It Works

Our process has been optimised so you spend a few minutes a week. We do all the heavy lifting for you.



Every week you record ONE video and drag into a Google Drive Folder. From there we take over.



We then edit your video and convert it into all the assets required for the next weeks marketing campaign



We then send the video to your email list, YouTube, your blog, and Facebook as a retargeting campaign and to all your social media profiles. 

How We Will Work Together

We hold a 1.5-hour Zoom call to build your 12-month strategy to grow your business using the Video Marketing Machine.

During the meeting, we will complete the following:

  • Identify your Perfect Prospect, their Pain Points and your Offer.
  • Create a messaging framework to communicate through your content
  • Create a list of the first 20 videos you can use to create your content for the next 3-6 months
  • Train you how to record your videos and follow our process to get them to my team
  • Introduce you to the Video Marketing Machine Processes and how we will work together


Duration: 1.5 hours

Marlon will meet with you every two weeks for 30 minutes to:

  • Review the past two weeks’ work
  • Confirm the next videos to be recorded
  • Strategise and plan your marketing activity for the next two weeks
  • Answer any of your questions


Duration: 30 minutes

You will spend about 1 hour each month recording your four videos in one sitting. We ask you to batch the recording so you can concentrate on running your business, and we can take care of the rest.

We will complete all the content creation and publishing during the month.

Your Monthly Responsibilities

  • Record 4 videos every month
  • Attend the monthly meetings
  • Approve content as required

Our Monthly Responsibilities

We will complete the following tasks every month:

  • Attend fortnightly marketing meetings with you
  • Edit your four videos every month
  • Convert your videos into blog posts
  • Publish your blog posts and optimise them for SEO
  • repare and send a weekly email
  • Create a Facebook and Instagram Video retargeting ad for the weekly video and run it for a week
  • Publish each video to your YouTube channel
  • Convert each video into a square and tall video, add subtitles and publish those videos to:
    • TikTok
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • Twitter
  • You will be able to call me and email me at any time for advice
  • We will review the strategy every month and set goals for the next month
  • We will train you in areas of marketing required for you to promote your business through the Video Marketing Machine

Below are your marketing assets to run the Video Marketing Machine. Not all are required.

Social Media Accounts

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Page
  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn Personal Profile
  • LinkedIn Company Page

If you don’t have these accounts, we will help you set them up in the first month.

YouTube Channel

You will need a YouTube Channel. We will help you set it up if you don’t have one.


We need access to your website. We will configure your blog so it is set up for the Video Marketing Machine.

Consulting Costs

The Video Marketing Machine Costs can be seen in your proposal

Facebook Retargeting Ads

The Facebook Retargeting ads will cost you around $1-$3/day, depending on your audience size. So it will cost an additional $30 – $90/mth.

First Month

In the first month, we will:

  • Hold Your Strategy workshop
  • Train you how to record your videos
  • Help you record your first four videos
  • Setup all social media accounts
  • Upgrade your blog to handle the Video Marketing Machine
  • etup your Email templates
  • Setup TheSling marketing app for you

Second month onwards

  • We will start publishing your videos weekly.
  • We will meet with you fortnightly.
  • Continue to edit and publish your videos.


Video Marketing Machine


$799 / Month

All prices are in US Dollars.


There is a 3 month minimum and then the commitment is monthly.

We believe you need to give the strategy at least 3 months to see the results.

We have clients who take as little as 15 minutes to record their weekly video, I but recommend you allow 30 minutes each week.

A better way is to batch your videos and record all 4 in one sitting, then you only have to record once a month.

We have provide full training and group coaching as part of the membership.

Definitely, we provide you with a full video training program and group coaching program with weekly calls.

When you sign up we also have a 1 hour session with a video coach to help you:

  1. Get setup with our systems
  2. Advise you on your video equipment
  3. How to write your scripts
  4. How to record your videos

You will be surprised with what is possible if you have a system. We will teach you a sytem that works for anyone.